Why August Hosting

12 Reasons Choose Us Become Your Partner

Top 12 Reasons To Choose August Hosting As Your Web Hosting Partner

Take a look what is the top 12 reasons to choose us as your hosting and web solution partner.

User Friendy Control Panel
Why choose a complicated control panel while you can have a simple one? Direct Admin, a simple, user friendly, and yet powerful control panel is our priority. The control panel equipped with backup functions, domain management, E-mail management, database management, site traffic statistical report and.... you name it!

45 Days Money Back Guarantees
Others may give you 15 days, 20 days, 30 days... money back guarantees, but we provide 45 -days money back guarantee! Why? Because we are confident towards our professional service that keep our customers happy!

Uptime Guarantees
We hate down time, everyone hate down time! Therefore, we guarantee our servers connections are always at 99% uptime and above! With our high speed backbone connection, your websites will have minimal web hosting traffic issues and effective e-commerce business operation.

Own infratsurture and equipments
August Technology uses own hardware and proprietary software and we are NOT another resellers! We actually take control of whole server operations! It means that we able to provide better and faster support to our beloved partners!

24 x 7 x 365 Ticket Support
Your feedbacks or complaints are important to us. Therefore, our ticket support system will never take a rest! Our experienced staffs will entertain and assist you within 24 hours once they receive the tickets. In fact, most of the time, our customers could receive our ticket support within 1 hour!

No Hidden Fees
The amount of payment that you need to make is exactly same as the prices in our website. We do not charge any additional setup fee, handling charges, cancellation fee, advance deposit, convenience fee etc. Honest, clear, and simple!

Free Online Live Chat Support
Sometimes, technical terms are very illitation. Why not try to have a live chat with our customer support specialist? Feel free to get our live chat support for any specific enquiries and problems regarding web hosting services. Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to guide and assist you all the time.

We are serious in creating partnership, but not part-time partnership!
There are many small web hosting firm operate as "part time" basis, whereby there is no support persons available during office hours, or respons tickets after office hours. Why not to create partnership with a serious web hosting firm to take care of your website?

No Outsourced Support
August Hosting takes managerial control throughout the whole process from website setting until payment transaction. No outsourcing support or services to outsiders for cost cutting benefits. Thus, confidential information of customers will always be secured from now and then.

Newbie Friendly
We understand customers always busy with business operation and transaction services. Therefore, customers may need user-friendly control panel systems that manage to complete their request with just a few clicks. August Hositng has launched newbie friendly system that saves time and efficient for all customers first-hand users

Excellent Service, Affortable Price
We offer excellent service with lower prices compare to others. Simply because we able to cut-off uncessary costs and pass the saving to you!

Fast Account Activation
To reduce potential fraud and protect customers¡¯ website confidentiality, we validate every new order. Most new orders will be activated within a couple hours. If your account was activated after 48 hours once you place the order, we'll credit one month hosting service to your account, in other words - free one month hosting for you.